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Our new webinar series of lyric diction courses! These courses are perfect for teachers looking for online resources for their diction classes, for professional singers and coaches who want a refresher, or for beginners who want to know what lyric diction is all about. Work through the rules and sounds of lyric diction in an interactive setting with people from all over the world, from the comfort of your own home!

Our first webinar series, on French Lyric Diction, will take place in June 2016. All classes will take place on Google+ Hangout at 11am EDT.
  • June 8 Episode 1-pure vowels
  • June 11 Episode 2-mixed vowels, nasal vowels, and semi-vowels (glides)
  • June 15 Episode 3-consonants and liaison 
  • June 18 Episode 4-"gourmet diction"--word/phrase stress, vocalic harmonization, French style

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