Podcast Episode Guide

As a quick reference, here is a list of the episodes with song titles, the specific diction topics covered and the names of the guests:

Episode 1 - German Diction - Heidenröslein/Der Gärtner - open and closed Ö/Röslein vs. Rößlein with Nadja Mchantaf, Hans Sotin and conductor Rainer Mühlbach

Episode 2 - Italian Diction - Le Violette/Il fervido desiderio/O del mio amato ben - basic diction rules with Fabio Centanni

Episode 3 - German Diction - Ach, ich fühl's/Dies Bildnis ist bezaubernd schön/Papageno's Suicide - Ä/R in many positions/German schwa with Nadja Mchantaf, Oliver Ringelhahn and Markus Marquardt

Episode 4 - German Diction - Gretchen am Spinnrade/Die Post - open and closed U & Ü/devoicing consonants with Netta Or, Markus Marquardt and Hans Sotin

Episode 5 - French Diction - E/I/schwa/nasal vowels/some liaisons with Nathalie de Montmollin - Episode 5 also includes an interview with Philip Shepard, author of What the Fach?!

Episode 6 - German Diction - Orlovsky's Aria/Morgens steh' ich auf und frage -  diphthongs/S before T and P with Stephanie Atanasov, Markus Marquardt and Markus Henn

Episode 7 - Italian Diction - La calunnia/Una voce poco fa - C/G/suffixes with stressed E & O with Andrea Sanguineti

Episode 8 - German Diction - Auch kleine Dinge/Die Nacht - Ts and Ds that follow one another/open and closed Us/words with ß with Nadja Mchantaf and Mirko Roschkowski

Episode 9 - French Diction - À Chloris/Chanson à boire - nasal vowels/bright & dark A with Dr. Francois Germain

Episode 10 - Russian Diction - Пускай погибну я (Tatjana's Aria) - Cyrillic  alphabet/a, я and unstressed o with Maria Fontosh

Episode 11 - German Diction - Zueignung/first two poems of Frauenliebe und -leben - prefix ZU-/suffix -IG/Ä/L with Rainer Mühlbach and Stephanie Atanasov

Episode 12 - German Diction - Im wunderschönen Monat Mai/O du, mein holder Abendstern - NG/SP at the beginning of words/regular inseparable prefixes with Mirko Roschkowski and Clemens Posselt

Episode 13 - Special Edition - working & studying in the US & Europe with Stephanie Woodling Bucher, James Martin and Timothy Oliver

Episode 14 - Italian Diction - recit before Là ci darem la mano/Non mi dir - basic diction rules/learning & performing recitatives with Felice Venanzoni

Episode 15 - German Diction - Komponist (Composer) Aria/Von ewiger Liebe - CH in all forms with Tanja Baumgartner, Virgil Hartinger and Mirko Roschkowski

Episode 16 - French Diction - Avant de quitter/O dieux! que de bijoux!... Ah, je ris - j-glide/[œ] , [ø]and schwa with Nathalie Doucet

Episode 17 - English Diction - Take O Take Those Lips Away/Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair - American diphthongs/R with Mark Lawson and Aaron Pegram

Episode 18 - Russian Diction - Куда, куда (Lensky's Aria) - e [jɛ] and ё [jo][ʒ]/soft sign ь with Andrej Dunaev

Episode 19 - Italian Diction - Tutte le feste al tempio/Smanie implacabili - voiced & unvoiced S/-EVA verb endings/rolling Rs with Matteo Beltrami

Episode 20 - Spanish Diction - Del cabello más sutil/Bonita rama de sauce - Spanish vs. Italian/Argentinean vs. Castilian Spanish/B [b] or [β]) and D ([d] or [ð])/unvoiced C and Z [θ]/aspirate S with Pablo Assante

Episode 21 - French Diction - Mandoline/Prison/Green - [œ] and [ø]/X/spelling rules with Nathalie de Montmollin

Episode 22 - German Diction - Kommt ein schlanker Bursch gegangen/Waldesgespräch - long & short syllables with Tanja Baumgartner, Virgil Hartinger and Uta Mücksch

Episode 23 - Hungarian Diction - portions of Bluebeard's Castle (Kéksakállú herceg vára) - vowel pairs/[ɒ] with Henrik Nánási and Zoltán Nyári

Episode 24 - Hungarian Diction - A csitári hegyek alatt - consonants/GY [Ɉ], TY [c], NY [ɲ] and LY [j]/ S [ʃ], ZS [ʒ], SZ [s], CS [tʃ] and C [ts] with Henrik Nánási and Zoltán Nyári

Episode 25 - Russian Diction - Я жду тебя (I Wait for You)/Весенние воды (Spring Waters) - й (I-kratkoe)/devoicing consonants, the hard sign ъ/another way to write the JE vowel - ѣ /щ with Andrej Dunaev

Episode 26 - Special Edition - Bel canto style with Javier Camarena, Carlo Lepore, Henrik Nánási and Erik Nielsen

Episode 27 - Italian Diction - Un'aura amorosa/De' miei bollenti spiriti - suffixes with stressed O/intervocalic S/consonants with Giorgio Berrugi

Episode 28 - Czech Diction - Měčku na nebi hlubokém/Vidino divná (Rusalka) - basic Czech diction/D [ɟ]and T[c]/voiced H [ɦ]/accent markings including ř [Ř] with Tomáš Netopil

Episode 29 - German Diction - Wie nahte mir der Schlummer... Leise, leise/Wenn ich in deine Augen seh' - consonants/genitive (possessive) S with Christoph Pohl and Michael Schütze

Episode 30 - Spanish Diction - No puede ser/Al amor - S, C and Z, and LL in Castilian Spanish with Vanessa Goikoetxea

Episode 31 - Italian Diction - O del mio dolce ardor/Pace non trovo - glottals/irregular verbs/suffixes with stressed E with Giorgio Berrugi

Episode 32 - French Diction - En sourdine - Liaison Part 1/exceptional words with Dr. Francois Germain

Episode 33 - French Diction - Chanson Triste - Liaison Part 2/future tense verbs with Dr. Francois Germain

Episode 34 - Italian Diction - Piangerò/Prologue (Orfeo) - accidental doubling of consonants/open & closed Es and Os/recitative style with Andrea Marchiol

Episode 35 - German Diction - Mondnacht/Die Mainacht - open and closed Ü/double consonants/open and closed U and I with Christoph Pohl and Michael Schütze

Episode 36 - Russian Diction - Вы мне писали... Когда бы жизнь домашним кругом (Onegin's Aria) - unstressed Os in every position with Dmitri Vargin

Episode 37 - Spanish Diction - La maja y el ruiseñor/La maja dolorosa No 3 -  diphthongs and vowel combinations/[nj] vs. [ɲ] with José Bros

Episode 38 - Special Edition - reading the score with Jonathan Darlington

Episode 39 - German Diction - Die Lotosblume/Liebst du um Schönheit - assimilation of consonants/open & closed Es with Mirko Roschkowski, Hans Sotin and Karen Bandelow

Episode 40 - English Diction - The Roadside Fire/Iris, hence away - Rs/WH words/English spelling/differences between American Standard and British Received Pronunciation with Mark Lawson, Rebecca Raffell and Donald George

Episode 41 - Italian Diction - Deh, vieni, non tardar/Non so più cosa son - Rs/Gs/groups of vowels in a row with Matteo Pais

Episode 42 - Swedish Diction - Säf, säf, susa/Svarta rosor - vowels/consonants with Sofi Lorentzen

Episode 43 - Swedish Diction - Fågellek - consonant combinations and clusters with Sofi Lorentzen

Episode 44 - Italian Diction - La Vendetta - verb endings -ebbe/-essi/-ete/doubling intervocalic Z/assimilation of N ([ŋ], [m] or [ɱ]) with Simone di Felice

Episode 45 - Italian Diction - Hai già vinta la causa - verb endings -ea vs. -eva/-esti/assimilation of N ([ŋ], [m] or [ɱ])/diphthongs & triphthongs/non-aspirated K, P, T with Simone di Felice

Episode 46 - German Diction - O Isis und Osiris/In dem Schatten meiner Locken - glottals/unstressed prefixes with open E/[ŋ]/intervocalic H with Thorsten Grümbel, Netta Or and Karen Bandelow

Episode 47 - Italian Diction - Dove sono/Se vuol ballare - open and closed E and O/accent markings with Matteo Pais

Episode 48 - Special Edition - basic exercises for independent movement of the tongue with Silke Kurpiers - includes pdf file

Episode 49 - Special Edition - advanced tongue exercises and practical advice for rolling Rs with Silke Kurpiers - includes pdf file

Episode 50 - German Diction - Kennst du das Land/Mein Herr und Gott - [ʃ], [ç] [x]/unstressed ZU- at the beginning of a word with Susanne Plassman, Georg Zeppenfeld and Thorsten Grümbel

Episode 51 - German Diction - Anakreons Grab/Wie Melodien zieht es mir - short unstressed closed Es/IE (usually [i:] but in these cases becomes [i:ə] or the transcription possibilities of [jə] or [iə]) at the end of a word with Thorsten Grümbel, Georg Zeppenfeld and Christoph Pohl

Episode 52 - Norwegian Diction - Mens jeg venter - Norwegian vowels with Ketil Hugaas

Episode 53 - Norwegian Diction - Sang til juletræet/En svane - Norwegian consonants and consonant clusters/Retroflex consonants RD [ɖ ], RL [ɭ], RN [ɳ] , RS [ʂ], RT [ʈ]/NG [ŋ], GN [ŋn]/KJ and TJ [ç] with Ketil Hugaas

Episode 54- Czech Diction - Oblak a mrákota jest vůkol něho - devoicing consonants/vocalic L & R/[ɲ], D [ ɟ] or [d], T [c] or [t]/tips to practice ř with Lucie Ceralová

Episode 55 - Czech Diction - Letí, straka letí - C [ts]/consonants that need j-glide when followed by ě/voicing & devoicing of consonants/consonant pairs with Lucie Ceralová

Episode 56 - Swedish Diction - Längtan heter min arvedel/I drömmen du är mig nära - [ɧ]/[ɕ]/some between colloquial speech and lyric diction/some spelling rules/comparison of some sounds of Swedish and Norwegian with Gisela Stille and Ketil Hugaas

Episode 57 - English Diction - Before Life and After - [w] vs. [ʍ]/RE-, PRE- and BE- prefixes/vowel shifts between AS and RP English: when [æ] becomes [ɑ], when [ɑ] or [ʌ] become [ɒ], when the American dark A [ɑ] becomes open O [ɔ] in RP plus accompanying worksheet with Jason Nedecky

Episode 58 - English Diction - Music for a While - [ʀ], [r], [ɾ] and the burred R [ɹ]/glottals/review of topics from Ep 57/voiced final consonants/foreign language study tips with Jason Nedecky

Episode 59 - Russian Diction - Olga's Aria/Нам звёзды кроткие сияли - vowels coming together/devoicing or not consonants/double soft consonant-vowel combinations with Katja Sapega-Klein

Episode 60 - German Diction - Ganymed/Der Atlas - when NG is [ng] not [ŋ]/prefixes UN-  AN- /review closed & open E's/glottals/genitive S with Mirko Roschkowski

Episode 61 - English Diction - Loveliest of Trees - phonetic function of O in English as [ʌ] [ə] [ɑ] [ɒ] [o] [ʊ] [u]/final Y [ɪ]/legato singing with Simon Neal

Episode 62 - English Diction - The Vagabond - L/R/unstressed I as SCHWI/Italianate vowels/pianissimi with Simon Neal

Episode 63 - 16th Century French Diction - with Olivier Bettens

Episode 64 - 17th Century French Diction - with Olivier Bettens

Episode 65 - Special Edition - specifically for coaches, with Simon Neal, John Packard, Nadja Mchantaf and Erik Nielsen

Episode 66 - Engish Diction - Comfort Ye... Ev'ry Valley - specfic words that are traditionally mispronounced in the Messiah/CR, GR/pronunciation of X/schwas with Charles Reid, Catherine McDaniel and Jan McDaniel

Episode 67 - English Diction - Rejoice Greatly, O Daughter of Zion - diphthongs/triphthongs/implosion-explosion of final D or T before another T/"righteous"/"with" pronounced with delta [δ]) or theta [θ] with Amanda Majeski, Catherine and Jan McDaniel

Episode 68 - Italian Diction - Come dal ciel precipita (Macbeth) - palatal consonants GN [ɲ] & GL [λ] / NG [ŋg] and NC [ŋk] /double consonants & phrasal doubling /suffixes -MENTO and -MENTE with stressed [e] with Maurizio Muraro

Episode 69 - Italian Diction - A un dottor della mia sorte - phrasal doubling/GLI [ʎ]/S before voiced consonant [z]/Rs with Maurizio Muraro 

Episode 70 - Greek Diction - Κόρες της Αττικής - Greek alphabet with Aris Argiris 

Episode 71 - Greek Diction - Κάτω στον Άγιο Σίδερο (La-bas, vers l'église)/Ο Ναός - Gamma and Kappa / digraphs and accent marks with Lydìa Zervanos 

Episode 72 - Special Edition - Rolling [r] with Kerry Deal and Michael Strauss 

Episode 73 - German Diction - Frage - Suffix -ig / [r] vs. [ɐ] / exceptional closed vowels followed by two consonants with Martin Koch 

Episode 74 - German Diction - Wenn sich zwei Herzen scheiden/Die einzigartige -IG - Suffix -IG/ devoiced/unvoiced final consonants / voiced initial S with Martin Koch and Dr. Augustin Ulrich Nebert

Episode 75 - French Diction - La fleur que tu m'avais jetée - variations of the letter E [ɛ] [e] [ə] (ê, é è) with Gilles Ragon